Music Software for Musicians

Macaw 3.01 - Music Production Tool - OpenSource
Mu.Lab - Music Production Tool, a free lite version can be downloaded
Mike's Rhythm Control - Metronome Software-Clone based on the TAMA Rhythm Watch
Abyss Media Company offers two freeware programs:
- ID3 Tag Editor - useful to correct the Tags in Your distributed Recordings
- BPM Counter - find out the beats per minute of yongs You want to cover
Wave Editor - a Free Sound Editor, supported by Abyss Media Company
DarkWave Studio - a free, open source, Digital Audio Workstation for Windows
LMMS - Linux MultiMediaStudio - a Free Recording Software, also available for WINDOWS !
Rosegarden - a Free Recording Software for LINUX
ASIO for all - A free universal Windows ASIO driver for those of us who do not have an ASIO supporting sound card
MIDI Monitor - a powerful tool to learn about Midi, to setup a Midi configuration and to exchange Midi System exclusive data.

MIDI with Delphi / Pascal - a little demo of using MIDI devices in Delphi
Steuerungsdaten / MIDI - a page in german language about MIDI data

MIDI with other languages

directmidi - a set of C++ classes based on DirectX
Released under GNU (General Public License) terms. - C++ classes Wrapper Library for Windows MIDI API

MIDI Basics

Standard MIDI Files - a introduction


LAZARUS - develop Delphi like programs for Linux, FreeBSD, MacOSX and Windows with LAZARUS. Free Pascal is designed to be able to understand and compile Delphi syntax. Free Pascal is a GPL'ed compiler that runs on Linux, Win32, OS/2, 68K and more. LAZARUS is the "Delphi compatible Front End" of it.


DELPHI for Beginners - learn DELPHI

DELPHI components

The JEDI Project - a library of very useful components for DELPHI
SDL Component Suite/LE - a library of very useful components for DELPHI