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MIDI Sources
Macaw (new .exe file only)


Sysex Editor ZIP

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How to start off with MIDI programming under LAZARUS and DELPHI ?

In the internet You will find only a few DELPHI Sources that show how to code MIDI applications. Here on this page I try to collect all the links and sourcecode pieces that I've found in the WWW.

MIDIIO-DEV - A Delphi (only) component containing full MIDI I/O support
portmidi - a Link to the PortMedia project which supplies platform independant access to MIDI I/O and Audio I/O

midi.pas - a Unit for Delphi and Lazarus

Coming with complete source code

2015-04-13: new Version V 1.7 available now !!!

.. I found another file that is also based on the original implementation by Adrian Meyer. It can be found in the Delphi ASIO & VST Project: ohloh - DAV_MidiIO.pas
From this file I took some code lines to improve "my" midi.pas to the previous V1.4
Here's the link to the old / original version: midimountain.com

Here You also find a ZIP file with the Example Application called demo_MidiDevices_D6.zip

And this ist the improved version for Lazarus: demo_MidiDevices_LAZ.zip


a clip based MIDI +Audio Sequencer

macaw.jpg hier

The Macaw music software is a program that implements a clip based MIDI sequencer, which drives a variety of the most excellent built in plugin instruments and effects, as well as external MIDI devices and also loads VST plugin instruments and effects. It has a soundfont loader and wave editor.

Download the program and/or sourcecode from here: code.google.com/p/macaw


I compiled Macaw EXE with some bug fixes. Also Macaw is now easier to handle if You are more focused on recording Audio. Download here:

Macaw Portable (new .exe file only !)

Macaw Dlls for Portable version

After Download + UnZIP just put the DLL files into the same folder as the EXE file !

Other MACAW related links:
jump to these linked websites

a review in german language

A german webside about Macaw 3

KVR Audio Forum

a Community Forum for Music Makers

Audio Editing Overview

This is also a MACAW ... ;-)

HowTo install the Macaw SOURCE CODE

SysEx Editor - Delphi Sourcecode

A universal SysEx Editor
Coming with complete source code

Please take a look at SYSEX EDITOR. The software can be downloaded as EXE from www.cougar.lu The complete source code is also available here

No Source-Code - but a tip:
How to test Your MIDI Interface

MIDI Interface Test
I found a tool that just does the job:

Download the file SysExDumper from the JOMOX website and extract the windows program "MidiInterfaceTest_1.0.2.exe". Open the PDF manual and there You see how to connect MIDI IN and MIDI OUT for the test procedure.

The other program in the archive is JOMOX specific and may not be useful for You.

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