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How to start off with MIDI programming under LAZARUS and DELPHI ?

In the internet You will find only a few DELPHI Sources that show how to code MIDI applications. Here on this page I try to collect all the links and sourcecode pieces that I've found in the WWW.


MIDIIO on github - A Delphi (only) component containing full MIDI I/O support

portmidi - a Link to the PortMedia project which supplies platform independant access to MIDI I/O and Audio I/O

midi.pas - a Unit for Delphi and Lazarus

Source code file only

Latest changes: 2020-12-25

Complete Lazarus Demo Project

Latest changes: 2020-12-25

Demo Project as Executable File

Latest changes: 2020-12-25


.. I found another file that is also based on the original implementation by Adrian Meyer. It can be found in the Delphi ASIO & VST Project: ohloh - DAV_MidiIO.pas
From this file I took some code lines to improve "my" midi.pas to the previous V1.4
Here's the link to the old / original version: midimountain.com

Here You also find a ZIP file with the Example Application called demo_MidiDevices_D6.zip

And this is the improved version for Lazarus: demo_MidiDevices_LAZ.zip

SysEx Editor - Delphi Sourcecode

A universal SysEx Editor

Coming with complete source code

Please take a look at SYSEX EDITOR. The complete source code is available here

Midi Monitor

Midi Monitor
is a powerful tool to learn about Midi, to setup a Midi configuration and to exchange Midi System exclusive data.

Midi Monitor is not available as Source Code, but a very useful tool to analyze Your MIDI traffic.


Please take a look at the Authors Homepage here

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