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Macaw DAW Portable
Please download from Heíse website !

Macaw DAW Portable

The Macaw DAW Portable is a music software program that implements a clip based MIDI sequencer,
which drives a variety of the most excellent built in plugin instruments and effects, as well as external MIDI devices and also loads VST plugin instruments and effects. It has a soundfont loader and a wave editor.

2021-06-29 (V 3.03.01) :
This is the first release of this software compiled with

Previous changes: Please see list "History" at the end of this page !

Macaw DAW Portable - Download - heise online

This software is written by Robin Holmes.

BREAKOUTBOX made some changes to the Program.
Please also take a look at the Authors Website: Turboloops

Please download the ZIP files from the Heise website !

Addon: VST Plugin Universal FX as separate file


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Macaw DAW Portable

Macaw Portable, Download bei heise

Macaw DAW Portable

History in reverse order:

2021-06-29 (V 3.03.01) :
This is the first release of this software compiled with Lazarus

2016-10-28 (V 3.02.14) :
Enhanced Toolbar Buttons.

2016-10-14 (V 3.02.13) :
Interim release.

2016-10-09 (V 3.02.12) :
The dots that represent MIDI notes are vertically enlarged.
The way a Selected Clip is highlighted was changed from Inverted to Color.

2016-09-29 (V 3.02.11) :
For german users the MainMenu items are mostly translated to german language now.
For all other languages the main menu appears in english language.

Das Menü des Hauptfensters ist jetzt weitgehend in die deutsche Sprache übersetzt.

2016-09-23 (V 3.02.10) :
Button in Windows TaskBar now represents the MainForm. Some small bugfixes.

2016-09-20 (V 3.02.09) :
More bugfixes in dialogs.

2016-09-15 (V 3.02.08) :
More bugfixes in dialogs.

2016-09-12 (V 3.02.07) :
Some bugfixes in dialogs. I go through the sources now to find more bugs.
Every time I can fix something - even if it's a minor bug - I will upload a new subversion.
So more often an update will come up here, from now on.

2016-09-08 (V 3.02.06) :
Release 3.02.06 is nearly as 3.02.05. There's a few bugfixes.

2016-08-25 (V 3.02.05) :
With release 3.02.05 the previous 3.02.02 is back. But with working VST plugin support ;-)

2016-08-20 (V 3.02.04) :
This Release 3.02.04 is the first interim step on the way to reintegrate the improvements since 3.01.20 ..

2016-08-13 (V 3.02.03) :
With Release 3.02.03 I had to go back a big step - this version is derived from something between 3.01.19 and 3.01.20.
I had to return to this old version because I had to realize that VST plugins can't be used at all anymore - since 3.01.20 ...
The improvements since 3.01.20 are not lost forever, but have to be carefully reinvented step by step, in the next weeks ..
Please enjoy !

2016-08-07 (V 3.02.02) :
The Release 3.02.02 is a really big thing - for me.
Because now MACAW compiles and runs also with a compiler called LAZARUS !
The current "MacawExe.zip" now contains both the "old Delphi 5" Macaw.exe AND the new "MacawL.exe".
Please apologize, the LAZARUS version still does not work as well as the DELPHI one,
but LAZARUS is the only compiler that will keep MACAW alive ..
In the SYSTEM folder there's some new files that contain GERMAN translation for the menues. If You need native english then simply delete the files with "lng_german*"

2015-02-05 (V 3.02.01) :
The Release 3.02.01 introduces a MIXER ... yeah !
The most missed feature from my point of view was a Mixer. I already was able to adjust Volume, Pan and Gain with the existing sliders, but I had no Level Meters to see what I was doing - and now here it is ! Okay, just a simple one, with "SoundBlaster-Plugin" and VST-Plugins it shows curious things .. but no question this is better than nothing :-) ... Please enjoy !

2015-01-26 (V 3.01.22) :
The Release 3.01.22 is a very important one for me personally because I realized a very useful workflow under the Menu "File / Create Project from WAV folder". Now You can load all WAV files of a selected folder as Track Clips into MACAW DAW. So You can easily cut Multitrack Recordings which just need to be shortened at start and end.

Your recordings from the last Band Rehersal can be cut now in high speed. Immediately create a MP3 file from the selected Clips with the new button "Export selected Clips to MP3".

2015-01-14 (V 3.01.21) :
In Release 3.01.21 I added a function that makes the hints to the MainMenu Items appear as "flying" Popup-Hints. More important might be a new Menu Item under "Files" that offers the possibility to load a whole folder with WAV files, for example a Band Recording Session.
MACAW loads all found WAV files from one folder and makes them appear as Track Clips on screen.

2014-12-20 (V 3.01.20) :
Release 3.01.20 reduces the speed of detection of mouse movement in plugins. The knobs are now smoother to "dial".

2014-12-05 (V 3.01.19) :
In Release 3.01.19 I fixed some issues that looked like MACAW had crashed but as in 3.01.18 some forms were hiding dialogs on opening them.

2014-02-01 (V 3.01.18) :
Release 3.01.18 is the real "Final Cut" because I managed to remove / solve all Hints, Warnings and (long time ago) all errors that the compiler has ever shown to me.
In this release the misbehaviore is fixed that made VST Plugins look like they crashed MACAW - but simply dialogs of the VST Plugins were hidden behind the Plugin-Window. Also a lot of internal issues are fixed now ...

2014-01-19 (V 3.01.17) :
I would call the Release 3.01.17 the "Final Cut" because all changes since 3.01.10 are backported into 3.01.17 from latest sources (3.01.15). And - despite that - it looks like MACAW DAW Portable "still" works !
No question there's still lots of "bugs" around there, but this is a stable release !
In the next release I will fix the misbehaviore that VST Plugins look like they crash MACAW.
But simply because of form attribute "fsStayOnTop", dialogs of the VST Plugins are hidden behind the Plugin-Window. As soon as I tested this with some Synths I soon will release subversion 3.01.18. ...

2013-12-31 (V 3.01.16) : Release 3.01.16 includes most of the changes since 3.01.10 but ASIO works again now !

2013-12-18 (V 3.01.10) : Revert to release 3.01.10 - in the latest 3.01.15 using ASIO drivers was impossible. And due to several changes in the source code it's impossible to revert these changes in 3.01.15 easily.

2013-12-16 (V 3.01.15) : Service release. Restored some misbehaving forms.

2013-12-07 (V 3.01.14) : There was a bug in the drawing engine (GIF resource support) that is fixed with this release. So in '3.01.14' the big faders, buttons etc. in the plugins are back again !

2013-11-27 (V 3.01.13) : The '3.01.13' comes with a reworked Loop Selector. Also some bugs where removed so most of the dialogs work again.

2013-11-18 (V 3.01.12) : The '3.01.12' simply comes with a reworked Audio Level Meter. The old one looks nicer to me but a.t.m. does not show the Audio Level as accurate as needed.

2013-11-11 (V 3.01.11) : The '3.01.11' is the final result of a number of internal fixes and changes. The only noticable difference - for the user - between '3.01.11' and the prevoius build is the change from 32 bit to 64 bit internal audio processing.

2013-10-14 (V 3.01.10) : The '3.01.10' includes lots of internal fixes and changes but not directly visible to the user. All MACAW code is still under review.

2013-09-15 (V 3.01.09) reloaded : After returning to the original sources I started reimplementing the changes I made to the code. The '3.0.09' is now nearly fully restaurated and MACAW is now much (!) more stable and reliable.

2013-09-07 (V 3.01.09) : 3.01.08 was a bad release. This one is more stable but still not good enough. Playing audio looks stable this far.

2013-09-02 (V 3.01.08) : Stop button now shows correct status. Lots of internal changes but not visible to the user.

2010-12-13 (V 3.01.07) : Reduced update frequency of Position Value and Song Position Slider

2010-12-10 (V 3.01.06) : Removed the misplaced Position Line / PlayHead that remained after PLAY - STOP - PLAY ...

2010-12-07 (V 3.01.05) : Macaw Portable does no more write to the Registry.

2010-12-04 (V 3.01.04) : BugFix: removed a crash when Registry Key cannot be written ... sorry !
New: the Sequencer switches to next Page when the Playhead leaves the page.

2010-11-29 (V 3.01.03) : Improved speed of Surface - Macaw now scrolls smoother than before !

2010-11-17 (V 3.01.02) : The MacawExe.zip now also contains several templates and other files.
MACAW.exe itself contains a few small bugfixes.

Macaw DAW Portable 3.01.13

Macaw DAW Portable 3.01.14
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