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Peavey Spectrum Synth Raw Editor

Peavey Spectrum Synth Raw Editor V 1.00

Peavey Spectrum Synth Raw Editor
is a Software Editor for the PEAVEY Spectrum Synth. Download here: SpectrumSynthEditor.zip

Download Peavey Spectrum Bass II Preset List.pdf

Trouble with Your MIDI Equipment ?
First try out THIS software: MidiTest to ensure that Your MIDI-interface and Your PC does work well !

Welcome to the home of the PEAVEY SPECTRUM SYNTH RAW EDITOR !

On Friday the 7th of June 2013 I started developing this little piece of software. The most difficult thing is that there is not much information about this synthesizer out in the web. The only source of information is the downloadable manuals from the PEAVEY homepage. The PEAVEY SPECTRUM SYNTH is a rather old device - born about 1995 ...

2021-01-17 V 1.00 is the final release. It includes all 192 SYNTH ROM Sounds as SYX files, sorted in categories.

2021-01-17 V 0.37 is a bugfix release. This release is now close to the FINAL version.

2021-01-15 V 0.36 fully working version. Surface cleaned up.

2021-01-10 V 0.35 .. again some bugfixes. And some minor improvements.

2021-01-09 V 0.34 is a bugfix release. Improved user freedback in TreeView of RAM patches.

2021-01-08 V 0.33 is a bugfix release. PatchName has a new position in Patch Memory Stream: $024D Old SYX files can still be read in.

2021-01-02 V 0.32 is a bugfix release. As V 0.31 was before ..

2020-12-27 V 0.30 has a reworked MIDI I/O detection strategy.

2020-12-26 V 0.29 is a cleaned up version, compiled with the newest Lazarus V 2.0.10 It takes into account the scaling possibilities in Windows 10.

2015-05-12 V 0.27 looks like most of the functions are realized that are required to load / save the patches and to edit them.

2015-04-26 V 0.21 makes the software more usable. I added more labels for to the Mod Sources and so on ..

2015-04-17 After finishing the work on some other projects I started again working on this Editor. In V 0.18 I added a Treeview where You can see which patches in computer RAM are empty and which are loaded. In V 0.19 I added lots of Hint Strings that describe the function of the parameters - when You are over the slider these strings appear. Also some bugs in V 0.18 where fixed with the V 0.19 release.

2013-07-01 Okay, now the main features are realized. I added a "File Management" page where You can select a SYX file to load from PC Disk directly into Your Spectrum Synth. At least I found and removed a bug at a certain place in the Software - it forced MIDI Out to only send to MIDIout #1. Now it's up to You to check out if You can really work with this Editor Software.

2013-06-30 The Editor made two significant steps forward: Now You can save all 64 RAM presets on Your PC Harddisk (AFTER You have called them by MidiDumpRequest via the button on top called "LOAD all patches from Synth"). The other feature is: if You edit a Sound (any ! Sound patch from 0-255) You now can save it to one of the first 64 patch memory numbers in the Spectrum Synth (#64 and higher are ReadOnly).

2013-06-25 There was lots of work in the background until today, not much of this can be seen. I coded a simple - and for sure not very attractive - surface to have easy access to all the Synth Parameters. You can drag all the Trackbars and alter the preset's parameters but until today You cannot save Your work, I'm sorry. But I am pleased to announce that the software - since today - has the first usable function: With a button on top You can load all RAM editable presets into the software and then write back single presets into the PEAVEY SPECTRUM SYNTH. This is just one step away from a function that allows me to load and save to disk, as *.SYX or maybe as a MIDI file .. but not today ;-)

If you use and enjoy this software, and would like to help support continued development of PEAVEY SPECTRUM SYNTH RAW EDITOR, Your donation would be very much appreciated!

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If You have any questions please contact BREAKOUTBOX via info(at)breakoutbox.de.

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